Finding Yourself off the Beaten Path


While popular travel and outdoor destinations are definitely popular for good reason, sometimes the best trips and experiences take place off the beaten path. There are plenty of poems, movies, and stories about the road less traveled, and there’s good reason for that, as well. The good news is that when you travel by RV, you have the ability to really plan for those destinations that come from out of the box thinking since you have your sleeping quarters, vehicle, and cooking area with you at all times. So make sure to look for a good deal out of the many RV rentals out there and then start planning for some unusual and different travel adventures to really grow into yourself!

There’s Excitement in the Unfamiliar

Without a doubt one of the major benefits of planning a vacation that takes you to unknown places or helps you get excited and get worked up and eager to see what is going to come up next. While we all have favorite hobbies or destinations, choosing to do something that is different from your main cup of tea, or similar to other trips but in a far more remote or challenging area, there’s a natural excitement from that. There’s the unknown, there’s the unfamiliar, and that leads to some truly special memories.

Broadens Your Horizons

Many times going off the beaten path means also finding new things to do, new places to explore, and trying to entertain yourself in new ways. If you’re used to visiting cities that have a constant hustle and bustle, visiting some of the beautiful, remote, and less often visited National Parks is a great way to really see the other side of things and those experiences allow you to disconnect, reset, and really broaden your experiences and interests.

The opposite is also true. If you’re all about the out of the way parks why not try an odd or unique city? Trying something that isn’t a main tourist destination and is a little different than you are used to can help you to realize new interests or really get a better comparison of what you thought you enjoyed most versus what you really are having the most fun with.

Going off the beaten path often gives you the opportunity to reset from normal everyday life in a really different or unusual way, and that type of experience helps you to hit that quiet place where you can try new things, broaden your horizon, and really find yourself on a much deeper level – which is one of the most outstanding benefits of travel.

Discover a New Passion

When you look at anyone who has mastered and impressive hobby or enjoys a variety of different experiences, it’s worth remembering there was a time when that person didn’t know about any of that stuff. Going out of the way and trying new things is how you can discover a new hobby, interest, or passion. Who knows where that can lead? Take a chance, discover a new passion, and enjoy the experience that comes from finding yourself off the beaten path during your travels.