Incredible Facts about the Golden Temple in India


India is known for its cultural prosperity and its rich heritage. There are also many prominent architectural structures which reflect the culture and diversity of India. One of them is the Golden Temple. It is located in Amritsar, Punjab. can be very helpful in gaining knowledge about the Golden Temple especially if you are planning a visit or a trip there. Also known as the “Harmandir Sahib” or “Darbar Sahib”, is a place of worship of the Sikh.

Here Are Few Interesting Facts aboutthe Golden Temple

  • ‘Sri Harmandir Sahib’ means “Temple of God”. This translates directly to the purpose and meaning of this grand shrine. This symbolizes that God does not make any distinction among His worshippers based on caste, creed, color or religion.
  • The foundation of this gurdwara was laid down by Mian Mir who was a ‘Muslim sage’ although the construction was commenced by Guru Ram Das in the year 1558. The completion was then led on by Guru Arjun Dev.
  • Amit Sarovar which is a holy tank is situated in the middle of the middle of the Golden Temple. All pilgrims generally take a dip here and the holy water is believed to have healing powers.
  • Another one of the unique features of this temple is that it is made of white marble which is adorned with real gold. Hence the name ‘Golden Temple’.
  • The structure of the Golden Temple is also a little unusual is the structure of the temple which is situated a little below the ground. This symbolizes that one should be humble and reach down to reach the God. Also, the structure is quite opposite to general Hindu architecture as most of them are built at a little-elevated level.
  • The temple was destroyed a number of times by the Afghans and the Mughals in the early times. Then later on at the beginning of the eighties, at a clash between the ‘Indian Army and terrorists in the Operation Blue’.
  • The Golden Temple has received recognition all over the world for performing the largest ‘langar sewa’ worldwide. On a regular basis, more than 35000 people are fed here.

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