The info you need to get the right air and water system


Considering how there are so many air and water system manufacturers and brands out there, it is important to gather the right information before you make your purchase so that you have the most likely chance of getting the right one that will meet your factory’s needs. It takes more effort than simply picking a system at random from the market and then hoping that it will all work out. Here are the things you must know before you pull out your company card.

  • Space and room constraints

So you know which machines on your production floor needs the most assistance from a air and water system but before you start purchasing them, you will want to make sure that you have the room to install them in your plant. This is often an oversight and it happens more often than you might think!

The key is to measure the amount of room or floor space that you can utilize for the placement of the cooling system. There is nothing worse than having spent the money to get the system and finding out that you do not have the space for it. You will have to answer to your management board for this oversight so is this really something you want to face in reality?

  • Conducting a thermal analysis before heading out to the store

As there are so many different kinds of air and water system solutions out there, it can be tough to select the right one that will meet all of your cooling needs. The answer is to simply look first at your machinery and perform a thermal analysis to see how much heat they are dissipating and to see which solutions can help to alleviate that.

Once the results of the analysis is out, it is time to compare the various brands of cooling systems to see which ones will fit your needs the best. There is also the choice of whether you want an air based cooling system or a water based on. The one you want to pick will depend on what the analysis says, of course.

  • Setting the right budget expectations

Having a lot of money to spend on your air and water system can be a bad thing because it becomes harder to make the right decision. The key is to set a budget that will help you eliminate the lower range models so that you can shift all of your attention to the higher priced models, if there is a need for them.

While it can be tempting to go beyond the budget you have set, it is important to abide by it because by overspending on a system, you may not necessarily be able to get the most out of it.