Unique birthday gifting ideas for her


Birthdays are special occasions and gifts are a nice way of making them even more special. A lot of thought process goes into the selection of the gift as you wish to leave no stone unturned in finding nothing but the best. There are numerous gift categories for a different relationship, and one can choose any of them as per own choice. For females, there are ample gifts which can help one choose a perfect one as per his budget choice and use of the product. If you are a friend, husband or colleague, looking for that perfect gift for a female, here are few unique ideas for the same:

  • Jewellery box

You might find it surprising, but women love their jewelry box as much as they love their jewelry! There are different types of jewelry box available in themarket, from a variety of material, colors, shapes, and sizes. If, you wish to go for something opulent, pick a velvet jewelry box with some embellishments or pearls studded on it. The size and features of the box matter a lot and the cost of the box also depends on these features.

  • Mugs

We all love to sip our coffee or tea in our favoritemugs, and they make for a perfect gifting item too. While the gift shops are packed with avariety of fancy cups, you go an extra mile and get a customised mug made for her. The mug can have a special message on it from you, or it can have her pictures.

  • Cakes

If she your long distance friend, you can even surprise her with cake. You can get birthday cakes delivered UK with the help of online shops. There are ample verities one can find among cakes and can go for one that can fit is one’s taste, choice, and budget.

  • Cosmetic basket

Many women do not indulge in make- up and cosmetics, but every woman loves some basics makeup items like Nail paint, Lipsticks, Eye liners or Eye shadow. You can pick few of these items and gift her in a dainty basket.

  • Soft toys

We all know how much women love soft toys! Those fluffy cuties are nothing less than prized possessions for girls. You can pick a cute Teddy bear for her or even go for a huge life size bear and trust us she would love you for that.

  • Books

If she’s an avid reader, nothing like a set of good books! You can explore your nearest book shop and pick some interesting books of 2-3 genres for her. This would certainly make for a lovely thoughtful gift.

  • Perfume

Women love wearing perfume, and you can definitely win her heart by gifting an alluring smell that she would love to wear all day long. If you have enough budget, you can pick from some of the expensive brands as well.

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