Importance of Using Psychometric Tests in Recruitment


Psychometric tests are one of the important assessment tests performed by a company during its recruitment process. The word psychometric refers to the measurement of mind. Apart from other facets such as education, skills, experience, appearance, personality and abilities can help the company in assessing a candidate, psychometric tests are equally important.

In experience, a company believes that psychometric assessment tests can result in better understanding about a candidate’s strength, character, weaknesses and style of working. For employers, performing psychometric tests can help in filtering out the best candidate and who can hopefully retain the same performance in the future making it a successful hiring.

How do psychometric tests help aiding recruitment decisions?

Psychometric testing can help measure a number of attributes in a candidate. This includes critical reasoning, intelligence, personality profile and motivation. A fair interview process can be subjective and the employers can normally assess experience and skills accurately. But there are even more required to examine a candidate and select out of many.

The main objective of psychometric test is to provide measurable and objective data that give a candidate’s all round performance and suitability for that job. In short, it provides the scientific credibility and objectivity to the recruitment process. It actually provides a more fair way to assess a candidate among many applicants that were given a common standardised test.

Earlier these tests were performed in pen and paper, but gradually they have turned into digital realm that is easy and quick to answer and assess. They include multiple choice, questionnaires and many more.

There are some organizations too who perform this psychometric test for screening and eliminating the candidates, when they are large in numbers. They perform it at the start of the recruitment process so that it could help the interviewers to test only limited and suitable candidates who have the potential to perform well in the next interview stages.

Different types of psychometric tests:

  1. Aptitude test:

These tests assess some general and specific set of skills. Categories of tests under this are;

  • Numerical reasoning test
  • Verbal reasoning test
  • Inductive reasoning test
  • Diagrammatic reasoning test
  • Logical reasoning test
  • Error checking test
  1. Skills tests:

These tests include a way for the employers to evaluate and examine how quickly the candidate can learn or understand a complete new thing or skill to competently carry out the job he or she is applying for. Depending the job the candidate is applying for, many test are done.

  1. Personality tests:

These are also one of the important tests performed by the companies. This enables the employer to evaluate the candidate’s behavior, and way of approaching to work. This will be used to determine how well a candidate can adjust with the business culture.

Applying psychometric tests are very much beneficial for a company to get good and well experienced with high potential candidates that can ultimately help in reaching out the company’s performance and profit. So it is very important to choose well experienced employers who can perform these tests and can make a good judgement.