Steroid and Stacking


Anavar is one of the highly desired oral steroids which are used by the bodybuilders to promote muscle growth. It is commonly known as “var” in the fitness world. It is safe to stack Anavar with other compounds to get the maximum output. The best stacking is dependent on the goal one desires. Anavar has the anabolic properties which minimises the androgenic or estrogenic side effects and HGH is one of the best performance enhancing drugs so Anavar and HGH stack is one of the best method to get the lean muscle mass with ease.

Stack with Anavar and HGH

Anavar has low androgenic effects so it has less potential to build muscle mass. So, when it stacks with testosterone, it helps to shred excess fat. Testosterone can be stacked with other compounds by the bodybuilders to promote ripped physique such as Trenbolone,Primbolone and with other growth hormones. This stack also helps to maintain the physique which has achieved during the bulking cycle at the time of cutting cycle. When testosterone makes you break out you can explore other options like Anavar and HGH stack. Anavar and HGH, both are very mild and when combineed it helps to boost muscle mass. HGH helps to regulate the healthy hormones of the body which help to boost your muscle mass and enhance your athlete’s performance.  Anavar has a half-life which is around 12 hrs so when it is stacked with HGH; it helps to maintain the testosterone level and gives the desired results in a short span oftime. This can be used by both males and females.

Anavar is known for the low risk of side effects whereas HGH is quite risky when used for a long period of time. The power of Anavar helps to boost the muscle mass of the body when stacking with HGH and HGH helps to maintain the hormonal imbalance issues. This stacking cycle can continue for 4-6 weeks without taking any break. It is the best choice for the competitive athletes to maintain the muscle mass and can be used in the off-season to repair or heal their muscles. It is advisable for the first-time user to keep the cycle for 4 weeks and exercise regularly to minimise the risk of negative effects. If anyone has the history of high blood pressure, high level of cholesterol or high risk of cancer then it is not recommended to use any anabolic steroids, single or in a stack.Person below 21 years should not use any steroid and who are less than 30 years of age should use the steroid by stacking it with other compounds and make their cycle short so that the body gets frequent break to get no major side effects. So, it is up to you to know your body and fulfil your dreams.Some steroids are stacked with other compounds to get the maximum benefit and minimise the negative effects. The side effects associated with Anavar is low count of sperm but HGH helps to enhance the level of sperms.