Phenomenal Science Birthday Party-How To Do It


There’s no better theme than science for your kid’s birthday party if they love experiments, periodic table and hypothesis. Here’s how you can arrange an amazing children science party.

Your kids love science and you want it to be the theme of their next birthday party? It’s an amazing idea to incorporate your child’s hobby into a party theme. Now that theme is sorted out, all that’s left is to decide the science party invitations, decorations, food & flavor and yes science experiments that will be part of the birthday bash. You seem confused. Worry not; take out your periodic party table and start penning down the ideas we are about to share here. We are sure these ideas will add fun to the children science party.

Science Party Invitation Ideas

It is always best to work on birthday party invitations on your with your kids. To get your guests excited about the science party, you can use these invitation ideas:

  • Create a birthday invitation card in the shape of a flask from construction paper.
  • You can attach the invitation to a vial, safety goggle or a cool rock.
  • Print out a card sized image of periodic table and write party details on the back.

These are a few suggestions but you can come up with even better ideas on your own (we are sure!!).

Decorating & Food Ideas

For decorations you can keep the color code-green, bright blue and orange. Even you can turn your home into a science lab with these ideas:

  • Grow rock crystals and display them in party
  • Use your child’s science projects as a display in party
  • Use odd props like clipboards, ruler, beakers with colorful water and pens to decorate the table
  • To decorate the wall use cards made from construction paper with elements on them

Once you are done with the decoration, it’s time to garnish the food in science style. Children science party can have such more than just hamburgers, chicken fingers and hotdogs.

  • Use melon baller to scoop fruits and stick them together with toothpicks in form of molecules
  • Make elemental sandwiches by cutting them into fourths and writing element abbreviations over them
  • Serve soda and drinks in beakers, we bet kids will love it

Again you are just limited by your own imagination when it comes to getting experimental with science party decoration and food.

Party Favor Ideas

You need to make sure that your little science nerds go home with excitement and little bit of science. Goody bags you give to your guests must have all the gloppy and gooey stuff. You can include crystal rock candy, bath color tablets, bounce putty, slingshot rockets, noise putty, touchable bubbles and space ice cream in a goody bag.

Just let the science nerd in you out and use your creativity backed with our science party ideas to organize an amazing birthday bash for your little lad.