Evaluating the Potency of Clen as a Remedy for Obesity


Many bodybuilders prefer to include clenbuterol as a part of their fat loss stack. The potency of this beta 3 stimulator comes from the fact that it promotes fat loss without losing muscle mass. In fact, this unique ability of the androgenic product makes it an automatic choice for anyone who needs a ripped physique fast. The compound acts by stimulating beta receptors in mitochondria and creating broncho-dilation simultaneously. As a result, the mitochondria uses up stored fat in cells, and during this process, unused disintegrated lipid is released in the bloodstream, ready for combustion. A bodybuilder should be able to make optimum use of this window of action for maximum physical training, using up the extra stamina effectively. However, it may not be suitable in a standalone manner as a treatment for obesity.

Losing weight fast

One definitely can lose weight very fast on clenbuterol, but conditions always apply. If your primary objective is losing chunks of fat deposits, then you would need something more than clen in the stack. In addition, the individual should maintain adequate commitment of a disciplined life with regular sleep, adequate training, and healthy diet. Avoiding the consumption of alcohol and junk foods is extremely necessary. Just upping clen dosage over time may not help as you anticipate with a higher amount because the body develops tolerance over a certain amount over time, and only the extra active part is effective.

The best use

It is best for bodybuilders struggling to get rid of that last layer of lipid guilt preventing the cuts. You need the cuts, and you need them fast, within a month, if possible. This is the demand zone where clen is very popular. It delivers satisfactory results as well. However, the end user should maintain adequate precautions to avoid side effects of abuse. Keep a close look on its response in your body. An initial wired feeling of excitement and irritability is natural.

Right dosage

Do not start with a high dosage right away at the beginning of a fresh cycle. Start slow to allow your body to acclimatize by the amount of effort you are investing at the gym. Use up the stamina boost for muscle production and maintain consistency with your training schedule. Maintain adequate caution on how much should you use. Professionals strictly suggest going over 140 mcg in daily use for males and 120 mcg for females. The total duration of stacking clen in your system must not exceed 16 weeks yearly. That comes down to about 4 months. Space out the product with three months gap between successive cycles to channelize the effects adequately.  

As explained above, it is a grave misconception to invest in more pills so that you can lose weight very fast on clenbuterol. Due to incremental tolerance, a significant part of the big dosage does not have any desired effect, and only the cut-off extra amount matters in each successive increase of clen. Heavy use side effects include enlarged hearts, arrhythmic breathing, insomnia, and acute discomfort with a burning sensation all over the body. Extreme fallouts can even result in death from internal bleeding by ruptured blood vessels. You should be careful.