The Importance of SEO


What is SEO? And why do I need it? We will answer these questions and talking a little about the history and origin of the SEO, which emerged in the 90’s when Google, Yahoo! And other search engines suggested the use of web pages where people could really make money with the use of them. It was so obvious that many realized that they needed to attract traffic to these web sites and one of the ways in which it is possible to attract traffic to a website is with the use of the “Seach Engine Optimization” SEO.

Why SEO is important and that focuses specifically?

The SEO mostly focuses on those search results, known as organic, in other words, it focuses on products that are not paid. The SEO is the positioning or search engine optimization in the different search engines that have as their main objective is to improve the visibility of the pages.

The Seach Engine Optimization is seen today as one of the disciplines that have changed in the last 27 or 30 years and to realize these changes all we have to do is, see the large amounts of updates that have been in the algorithms of Google Panda updates. These updates have undoubtedly taken a turn of 180 degrees in the last 5 years, and before we knew by SEO today is something of vital importance for every one of the web sites on the internet.

How can we divide the SEO:

SEO is divided into two large groups, which are very significant, and these groups are:

  1. The SEO off-site: which is focused on the work of the SEO, focuses on external factors a little more of the web pages in which you are working. Among the most important factors that stand out in this group SEO we find what they are:
    • . The presence on social networks.
    • . The quality and numbers of links.
    • . The mention in the local media.
  2. The on-site SEO: this group concerned about the relevance of the web sites and ensures that the site is properly optimized for search engines to understand the main thing, which is the content of it.

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