Exploring Underwater Beauty of Wakatobi National Park


Water. Water is one of the most important things in the world. We need water in many things. If we are thirsty, we drink water. If we want to take a bath, we use water also. Then, water is also awesome enough if you take it to the other view. For example, if you take a vacation to a sea, or to underwater paradise. Those places are the best choice to see how great our God is. One of them is the underwater paradise in Indonesia, Wakatobi. Indonesia is known as one of the richest countries in vacation spot. Indonesia has many awesome vacation spots. One of them is Wakatobi. For those who wants to feel the sensation of exploring underwater beauty of Wakatobi, let’s see what you can see in Wakatobi.

Before you know and see what is in Wakatobi, you have to know first where Wakatobi is. Wakatobi is placed in Sulawesi, specifically in South East Sulawesi. This islands has one special place named Wakatobi National Park. In this park, we can see many things. This park is surrounded by four major islands. Those are Wangi-Wangi island, Kaledupa island, Tomiaisland and Binongko island. Then, there are also small islands surrounding this national park. Some of them are Tokobao island, North and South Lintea island, Kampenaune island, Hoga island and Tolandono island. Then, what you can see while you are exploring underwater beauty of Wakatobi National Park? Those are things you can see.

  1. Many species of fishes

No doubt that Wakatobi alsays offer this thing to the tourist. This is the main weapon of Wakatobi Marine National Park. As the third largest marine park in Indonesia, Wakatobi is very rich of fishes. The place that is surrounded by many islands make Wakatobi Nationa Park becomes one of the best places to see many species of fishes. People always call it as Underwater Nirwana. This place is the habitat of large and small fish, turtles, and even the whales.

  1. The barrier of reef

This is the most expensive experience you can feel when you are exploring underwater beauty of Wakatobi. You can see the barrier of reef, with the highest number of reef in the world, actually the second after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. After all, Indonesia should be proud of having this spot. Because Wakatobi National Park offers something that other country does not have. That is beauty.The beauty in this place is very priceless and irreplaceable for you.

No doubt that Wakatobi is one of the best spot in the world. You can know from the quality of the place. This place is the best holiday spot you can visit. With all beauty shown in Wakatobi, you can argue that this place is one of the best place you can visit now. With very clear water, very fascinating coral’s view and also many beauty fish swim there make exploring underwater beauty of Wakatobi Indonesia become one of the best experience you need to have.